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Ballwin Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pumps in Fenton, MOWinter, spring, summer, and fall: your Ballwin home’s heat pump runs all year long. You prevent frequent breakdowns by scheduling regular heat pump maintenance, but like any piece of machinery, your heat pump still needs repair services from time to time. So, to keep your heating and cooling system running in top shop shape throughout every season, you need a reliable heating and cooling company in Ballwin, MO.

Metro Heating & Cooling has a reputation for keeping local families comfortable for over 35 years. You can trust our fully-licensed, bonded, and insured technicians to complete the heat pump repairs in Ballwin, MO quickly and efficiently.

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Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair In Ballwin, MO

Heat pump repairs aren’t always as obvious as a system that won’t run. A number of other issues with your home’s temperature or comfort level can indicate a need for repairs, including:

  • Warm or cold spots throughout your house– Have you noticed uneven temperatures in your home? A leaky refrigerant coil is likely the issue.
  • Weird, loud noises –  A noisy heat pump indicates loose parts. If those loose pieces break off, they can cause even more damage to your unit and result in some expensive repair costs. For more affordable heat pump repair in Ballwin, contact us now!
  • Rising energy costs – If you’ve watched your bills increase more and more each month, it means there’s a problem that’s keeping your system from running efficiently. You could also have a faulty thermostat that’s not recording the right temperature.
  • Low airflow from your vents – Hold your hand up to one of your vents. Does the air feel weak or strong? A low airflow could mean you have dirty air filters or that there’s an issue with your heat pump’s blower motor.
  • Frozen spots on your heat pump – Whether it’s your outdoor compressor freezing in the winter or your indoor evaporator coil icing over in the summer, you’ve got a problem. You’ll want this fixed quickly!
  • No heat in heat mode – You can feel air coming out, but it isn’t warm. A number of things could cause this issue. You’ll need an expert to sort it out. Call Metro Heating & Cooling for heat pump repairs in Ballwin, MO or its surrounding areas – 314-845-5900.

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As long as our family owned and operated company has been in business, we’ve worked hard to provide customers with top quality work at fair, honest prices. We’ll never try to sell you a product or service you don’t need, and we’ll never begin any heat pump repair work without fully explaining the service costs to you. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, which is why we offer full warranties on all of our service jobs.

So, you can trust our expert technicians to keep your home comfortable year round with our full range of Ballwin heat pump services. Call us when you need:

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