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Fenton, MO Heat Pump Repair

The heat pump in your Fenton area home works hard year round to keep the temperature in your space comfortable, which is why you should always schedule regular maintenance for your system. However, even if you’re diligent about making your maintenance appointments twice a year, your heat pump may still need repairs from time to time (especially as it increases in age).

Metro Heating & Cooling can help! If you find yourself in need of heat pump repair in Fenton, MO – day or night, weekday or weekend – give us a call. We’ll come assess your unit and give you an honest opinion about your best option for getting your system running in top shape again.

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Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair in Fenton, MO

Unfortunately, it’s not always simple to tell if your heat pump is in need of repair. Sure, a unit that has stopped working altogether is a pretty good indication. But, there are other issues that require the attention of a professional heating and cooling technician, including:

  • Ineffective heating or cooling – If your home isn’t the right temperature, you could have a leaky refrigerant coil.
  • No heat in heat mode – Several issues could prevent your system from blowing warm air when it heat mode.
  • Increased heating costs – If your costs are going up, there could be an issue with your heat mod. Or, your thermostat could be faulty.
  • Low airflow from vents – Issues with your blower motor or fan will affect airflow.
  • A frozen compressor – This can happen when something blocks the condensate drain and freezes the condensate.

Whatever the issue, Metro Heating & Cooling is here for you!

Heat Pump Repair Services Throughout St. Louis County, Missouri

Metro Heating & Cooling is proud to say that we’ve provided excellent service and fair, honest prices to the people of the Greater St. Louis Area for over 35 years now. We provide a full warranty for every service job we do, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll always get top quality work.

To help keep your home comfortable year round, we offer full service for heat pumps, in addition to heat pump repair.

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Schedule an Assessment for Heat Pump Repairs from Metro Heating & Cooling

If you’re worried about the cost of repair for your heat pump, we promise that we’ll give you the best price possible. Our assessments are 100 percent honest, and we’ll never try to sell you something you don’t need. To help make the process less stressful, we provide comprehensive heat pump estimates for all of our repair jobs.

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