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AC Condenser Repair in St. Louis County, MO

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your air conditioner, even though annual air conditioning cleaning and tune-ups can help to keep it in good condition. Unfortunately, problems can still occur to different parts of your AC unit. For example, you may need AC condenser repair in St. Louis when your system won’t startup or cool your home.

If you’re experiencing problems with your condenser, you’ll want to have your air conditioner inspected and repaired as quickly as possible, especially if you’re depending on it to keep you and your family cool and comfortable during the hot St. Louis summers. Fortunately, you can count on us at Metro Heating & Cooling to fix your condenser quickly and effectively.
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Signs Your Air Conditioner’s Condenser Needs Repair

The air conditioning unit is made up of numerous different parts. If just one of these parts malfunctions, it can affect your air conditioning unit’s ability to cool your home. The condenser, which is the outside unit of your air conditioning system, is one of the most important parts. The following are a few signs that you need air conditioning condenser repair in St. Louis and its surrounding areas:

  • The condenser is leaking – If the condenser is experiencing leaks, it’s usually the result of faulty tubes or seals. Generally, the tubes and seals may experience wear and tear simply due to age, although they can also fail due to impact as well.
  • The fan motor won’t start – If the fan motor won’t’ function, then it could be the cause of a faulty control board. The control board is responsible for making sure that all of the condenser’s parts work together.
  • The motor jumps but won’t start – The purpose of the condenser’s run capacitors of the condenser is to jump start the fan motors. If the motor jumps but doesn’t start, it means that the run capacitor is probably bad and needs to be replaced.
  • The motor’s function declines over time – If the motor begins to work slower than usual and becomes much less effectively, then it means that it’s probably burning out.
  • The fan won’t turn on – If the condenser’s fan doesn’t work, then the air conditioning system as a whole isn’t going to function effectively. There’s a good chance that a malfunctioning fan is caused by a bad condenser relay switch, which is responsible for switching the fan on and off when you turn the air conditioner on and off.

AC Condenser Repair Throughout St. Louis

Metro Heating & Cooling is a family owned and operated business that has been providing the air conditioning repair in St. Louis for more than 35 years. Although we’ve built a reputation for the quality of our repair services, we emphasize customer service, which is why we make sure that all of our technicians are properly trained. Additionally, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Comprehensive Estimates for All Condenser Repairs

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