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Paula Hegger, MO

Air Conditioner and Furnace Maintenance

We’ve been doing business with Metro for over 12 years. They maintain our air conditioners and furnaces and replace our water heaters when necessary. They are terrific to do business with. Office staff is on top of their game. They are honest business people that we trust explicitly. We recommend them to everyone we know (despite having a friend who works for a competing business) and Metro has always done right by them too. They are an Ameren-approved business. We would never, ever do business with anyone else.

Michael Bochenek, South City MO

Air Conditioning Installation

They just finished installing 2 ductless units on 2nd floor of my South City home. Very happy with install and units. Guys we’re fast,friendly, and professional.


Air Conditioning Repair

I came home from a lengthy hospital stay only to find me A/C had broken. It was 95 degrees in the place and I googled heating and cooling companies around me. It was like 2:30 in the afternoon and all that I had called said they “MIGHT” be able to get to it tomorrow. I then called Metro and they said they could have someone here by 5pm. Well about 3:30 rolls around and their technician Matt called and said he was on his way. He arrived like 15 minutes later and immediately found he problem. I had a fried main board. Lucky me…… He then told me that he could wire it direct to get me up and running for a fair price. I agreed and 10 minutes later it was blasting cold air. He said they would have to price the part and get back with me. The next day he called and gave me the bad news 500.00 to completely replace the board with a new factory one. The price seemed high but I knew from a friend that he had told me that he had paid almost exactly the same. I agreed to let them do it and they informed me that it would take a couple of days to get the part. Once in, The receptionist called and made an appointment for the install. Matt returned to install the part and also noticed my blower fan had eaten a furnace filter, It was also very dirty. He disassembled it and cleaned it VERY thoroughly at no additional cost.
It’s nice to have a company that you can count on and trust working in my home. The sold me for life. Keep doing what you’re doing, Don’t change a thing!

Andrea Vitale

Air Conditioning and Furnace

Have used Metro for over 15 years. They have done double a/c and a furnace. We are now on our next double a/c and furnace. They do excellent work and the price is competitive. Next, they did multiple neighbors homes since we were so pleased. Those neighbors were equally pleased. When you need them, they usually respond and show up quickly. Highly, highly recommend them.

Richard Prague, MO

HVAC Replacement

We have used Metro Heating and Cooling for over 24 years now. They have always showed up on time and performed their work very well. They are competitive in price and delivery. On our last replacement heating and air conditioning they suggested a UV light to help clean the air and we have been greatly satisfied with the results, cooking smells are gone with in a short period of time.

Danielle Rolfes, MO

Great Service

Twenty Five Years of Great Service!! We highly recommend this company. They are always prompt, friendly and you can trust their advice. Such a nice thing to have people in your home you can count on.

Dru Thomas, MO

Furnace and Air Conditioning Replacement

We’ve used Metro HVAC to replace our furnaces (we have double units) and air conditioners, to install humidifiers, and to maintain our equipment twice yearly for about 15 years. We can easily recommend them. The company is professional and the folks who’ve done the work are always pleasant, knowledgeable, efficient and down to earth. It seemed our previous provider was always finding problems that required additional payment and I’m not sure that they didn’t repair and replace things before it was really necessary. This has not been true of Metro; we believe Metro to be very honest and fairly priced.

Sheila B. Fenton, MO

Furnace and Air Conditioning Service

“Metro has been taking care of our furnace and a/c for over twenty years. They are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I Would definitely recommend these guys.”

Bill W. St. Louis

Furnace and A/C Replacement

“My old A/C unit died and I needed to replace it with a new one. I got a referral from a friend of mine to give a Metro Heating & Cooling a call. They were polite, knowledgeable, and had the best price. So we had them do the installation for us. We are very pleased with the way the job turned out. The quality of the workmanship is great, very impressed. I will not hesitate to tell my friends about them.”

Joe R. Ballwin, MO

2nd Floor A/C Installation

“I just wanted to thank you guys for making our family very comfortable now. The second floor A/C system you installed for us is working great. I wish I would have had this done a long time ago. You guys did a great Job!”

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