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AC Compressor Replacement in Fenton, MO

The news that your central air conditioner compressor has given up the ghost isn’t what you were hoping to hear. Located in the outdoor half of the central A/C, compressors can fail simply because of age or due to accelerated wear and tear caused by a variety of factors. Because the unit is located outdoors, exposure to the Fenton seasonal elements can be another contributing factor to compressor failure.


Your Compressor Replacement Options

First, consider your options:

  • Replace the compressor alone
  • Replace the entire outdoor unit: compressor and condenser coil
  • Replace the outdoor unit and the indoor evaporator coil
  • Replace the entire system with an all-new system

Here’s how each possible option stacks up against your specific situation.

Replace Compressor Alone

The compressor is the single most expensive component in an A/C. Replacing the compressor alone is seldom a viable financial option once two-thirds of the expected system service life has elapsed. For example, a typical central A/C lasts about 15 years. Therefore, for a unit 10 years old or more, the expense of replacing the compressor alone is not a good deal. In only 5 years, other system components will start becoming marginal and ultimately require replacement.

One possible exception: a compressor that is still under warranty. In that case, you might only have to pay labor charges for replacement, which might be an acceptable amount even for an older unit.

Replace Entire Fenton, MO Outdoor Unit

Entire AC replacement resolves the compressor issue but raises other complications. The indoor and outdoor components of central A/C are designed and engineered to be a matched set. Replacing the outdoor unit including the condenser coil while leaving the original indoor evaporator coil in place, means a coil mismatch could dramatically lower energy efficiency, impair cooling performance, and substantially shorten the service life of the new compressor.

Manufacturers typically don’t offer a warranty for new components installed in a partial replacement.

Replace Outdoor Unit and Indoor Coil

This option eliminates the substantial downsides of mismatched coils. However, it still leaves behind certain indoor components such as the old, outmoded air blower.

Blower energy efficiency—a substantial part of monthly operating costs—has been greatly improved with  variable-speed technology available in new units, cutting electricity use as much as 75% and keeping indoor temperatures more consistent.

Upgrade to an All New System

This clean-sweep option is the most direct path to more advanced and efficient HVAC technology. By replacing all components including the air handler you’ll get improved user options, enhanced cooling performance and lower operating costs from day one. Today’s air conditioners control indoor humidity more effectively and run quieter.

Replacing the entire system now provides better reliability and spares you the inconvenience of service calls and part replacements that are often increasingly required to keep an old unit running at the end of its lifespan.

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