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Emergency Heat Pump Repair in Fenton, MO

If you’re stuck without heating or cooling during extreme temperatures or your heat pump has frozen up, Metro Heating & Cooling will be happy to save the day with emergency heat pump repair in Fenton, MO.

Contact us for emergency heat pump repair in Fenton, MO or throughout St. Louis County. Call 314-845-5900 to request your emergency service! Or should you not need emergency services, you can contact us online to schedule the next available heat pump service appointment.

Fenton’s Experts for Emergency Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps cool and heat your home in a much different way than furnaces or air conditioners, so you need an HVAC company with real experience working on them. We’re a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer and we can also provide top-notch service for any other brand of heat pumps.

Our emergency heat pump repair technicians can solve problems such as:

  • Heat pump not blowing cold/hot air
  • Iced or frozen heat pump
  • Thermostat not controlling the heat pump
  • Refrigerant leak or low refrigerant level
  • Gurgling, hissing, or thumping sounds
  • Burning or mildew smell
  • And more

When to Call for Emergency Heat Pump Repair in Fenton, MO

You’re probably wondering about heat pump repair because the home has become very uncomfortable or the equipment has started acting very strange. Trust your instincts; if you think you need our Fenton emergency heat pump repair service, you probably do.

If the heat pump has iced over, turn it off to let it thaw—and give us a call at 314-845-5900.

Heat pumps should definitely turn on when it’s below 50 or above 80 degrees outside. If adjusting the thermostat and cleaning the air filter do not help, let our Fenton heat pump repair specialists fix it so you can sleep comfortably tonight!

Metro Heating & Cooling has been serving St. Louis County for more than 35 years. Our primary service areas include:

  • Arnold, MO
  • Ballwin, MO
  • Chesterfield, MO
  • Clayton, MO
  • Fenton, MO
  • Kirkwood, MO
  • Ladue, MO
  • Murphy, MO
  • Oakville, MO
  • Louis, MO
  • Twin Oaks, MO

Contact Us for Heat Pump Repair Now in Fenton

Is your heat pump limping along? Contact us online to request the next appointment during regular business hours.

Call 314-845-5900 right now if your heat pump has broken down. Our Fenton, MO emergency heat pump repair team will be there ASAP anywhere in the St. Louis area!


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