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Air Conditioner Replacement in Creve Coeur, MO

Creve Coeur has stiflingly hot summers that seem to drag on forever. Staying indoors with the air conditioner blasting can be the only way to get through the afternoon. So, when the time comes to replace a broken or struggling air conditioner, you definitely want a solution fast. At Metro Heating & Cooling, we can save the day with AC replacement services by licensed, certified professionals.

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Reasons to Choose AC Replacement vs. AC Repair

If a cheaper, less drastic solution will get your air conditioner running well for at least the rest of this year, by all means we will be happy to perform the AC repairs you need. Sometimes a failing AC unit just needs a good cleaning and maybe a new fan.

When we’re called out for a possible AC replacement in Creve Coeur, our technicians assess the situation and determine whether repair or replacement is the better option in the short-term and long-term. There are several issues that sound the death knell for an air conditioner:

  • AC not cooling — A serious refrigerant leak or a compressor failure could be the cause of warm air coming out of the AC.
  • AC has poor energy efficiency — If you’re losing energy efficiency each year and racking up high bills, AC replacement can practically pay for itself.
  • Expensive AC repairs — Some people go by the 50% rule, where you choose AC replacement if repairs exceed half the cost of a new one. However you look at it, you don’t want to throw good money after bad!
  • Frequent AC problems — Loud operating noises, constant small repairs, inconsistent cooling throughout the home… sometimes you just need to end the headaches with a new system.

Top-Rated AC Replacement in Creve Coeur, MO

Have one of our Creve Coeur HVAC technicians take a look at your unit, and we can discuss your options for AC repair or replacement. If the prognosis isn’t good for your current equipment, we can begin the process of selecting the right make, model, and size for your replacement AC unit. In the end, you can expect better efficiency and stronger cooling power.

Metro Heating & Cooling has built a reputation throughout St. Louis for honest service and reliable quality work since 1982. We’re proud of our A+ rating from BBB and our many satisfied clients.

We’re a Rheem Authorized Dealer and a Trane Comfort Specialist, and certified to install other trusted brands of air conditioners, too. We also install Mitsubishi ductless air conditioners to suit a variety of cooling needs in Creve Coeur.

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