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Gas Furnace Repair in Fenton, MO

If your furnace fails to heat the home adequately or gives you any headaches, your Fenton heating technician can help you get warm and toasty again, with simple furnace repairs that can prevent bigger problems down the road.

Metro Heating & Cooling promises a great customer experience every step of the way when you call us for furnace services. From easy appointment booking to fair and upfront pricing, our gas furnace repair in Fenton, Missouri will be straightforward and professional. Just call 314-845-5900 or schedule an appointment online now.

Common Reasons to Call for Gas Furnace Repair

Long before your gas furnace completely breaks down, there are many reasons to call a Fenton HVAC contractor to get your heater working its best. Some of the most common gas furnace repair issues we handle in Fenton include:

  • Gas furnace blows cold air — This can point to an electrical problem, a broken fuel intake valve, or a problem with the pilot light.
  • Insufficient heat from gas furnace — This calls for cleaning out the air chamber, changing the filter, and making various other repairs.
  • Gas furnace turns on and off too much — This might be a busted belt on the blower motor or a serious thermostat problem.
  • Pilot light or ignition not working — Call immediately, because a faulty ignition system is not just a heating problem, it’s dangerous.
  • Rumbling or loud gas furnace — Noisy gas furnaces should be cleaned, lubricated, and tuned-up by a heating technician.

Fenton’s Gas Furnace Repair Experts

Get simple solutions for your gas furnace problems with our easy scheduling, honest and knowledgeable service, and upfront pricing. We can fix your gas furnace of any brand and model, with fast troubleshooting to cut right to the heart of the problem.

You just want your gas furnace to be efficient and dependable again, and you don’t want the run-around from your repair technician. At Metro Heating & Cooling, we respect our neighbors throughout the Fenton area with high-quality gas furnace repairs and excellent customer service.

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Our high-quality heating repairs are backed up by warranties and made easy with flexible payment plans. If you’re looking for a gas furnace specialist that you can trust for fast, friendly repairs in the Fenton area of St. Louis, you’ve found your trusted HVAC team at Metro Heating & Cooling.

Call 314-845-5900 or request an appointment online today to get started with expert gas furnace repairs in Fenton, MO and its surrounding areas.

Our Service Areas

Although we’re located in Fenton, we service the entire St. Louis metropolitan area, including:

  • Ballwin, MO
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  • Kirkwood, MO
  • Ladue, MO
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  • St. Louis
  • And much more!
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