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Chesterfield, MO Heat Pump Replacement

For many homes in Chesterfield, Missouri, a heat pump can take care of all heating and cooling needs. Although they’re known for their reliability and energy efficiency, every heat pump will need to be replaced about every 15 to 20 years. If your heat pump has seen better days, Metro Heating & Cooling can help with professional installation of a replacement heat pump in Chesterfield.

With a new unit, you can expect fewer repairs and lower maintenance for many years to come. We can even find a heat pump replacement for your Chesterfield home that’s quieter, more powerful, and more efficient.

Request a free replacement estimate or call 314-845-5900 to schedule an appointment for heat pump replacement in Chesterfield, MO.

When to Replace a Heat Pump in Chesterfield

Years of experience and up-to-date training help our technicians provide an accurate diagnosis for your broken heat pump. We’ll discuss your options for heat pump repair or replacement to come up with the best solution for your comfort and budget.

We generally recommend Chesterfield heat pump replacement services in these situations:

  • More than 10 years old — Heat pumps tend to lose power and efficiency around this time. We recommend replacing an old heat pump that shows any sign of serious trouble.
  • High energy bills — Compare your bills year-over-year. If rates haven’t changed much, your heat pump is working harder than it should to meet your heating or cooling demands.
  • Noisy heat pump — There’s often no cost-effective solution for a loud compressor. Some noise issues can be fixed, but your Chesterfield home needs a new heat pump.
  • Heat pump not working well — It’s not your imagination. Let us inspect the system if your heat pump isn’t heating or cooling enough or is blowing humid air.
  • Frequent or expensive repairs — As the time for heat pump replacement approaches, multiple parts might break down. Invest in a new one instead of wasting money on growing problems!

Chesterfield Heat Pump Replacement by Trusted Local Experts

Quality, honesty, and reliability are the pillars of customer service at Metro Heating & Cooling. From your free replacement estimate to the final details of the installation process, we’ll work hard to provide the best experience you’ve ever had with a St. Louis HVAC company when you choose us for heat pump replacement in Chesterfield.

Installation quality goes a long way toward better performance from your heat pump. We install air-source heat pumps and ductless heat pumps from several trusted manufacturers. We promise to provide excellent workmanship on your new replacement.

Free Estimate for Heat Pump Replacement in Chesterfield, MO

We’ve been providing heat pump services in Chesterfield for over 35 years. You can trust Metro Heating & Cooling for fair prices, friendly service, and quality installation.

Call 314-845-5900 or schedule a free estimate online for heat pump replacement in Chesterfield, MO or the greater St. Louis area.

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