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Kirkwood, MO Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps can save hundreds annually in energy costs while providing all the heating and air conditioning you need in Kirkwood, MO. Occasionally, they do break down, and you need to find an HVAC company that specializes in heat pump repair. At Metro Heating & Cooling, our technicians understand how heat pumps work and can troubleshoot yours quickly and effectively. If you aren’t getting the right temperatures and comfort, contact us for heat pump repairs in Kirkwood.

We service air-source heat pumps of various brands and models, and we warranty all Kirkwood heat pump repairs made by our licensed technicians.

Call 314-845-5900 or contact us now to schedule a visit for heat pump repair in Kirkwood, MO by Metro Heating & Cooling of St. Louis.

Common Heat Pump Problems

We can make heat pump repairs in Kirkwood if you have noticed symptoms of a failing heat pump, such as:

  • Heat pump won’t turn on — We’ll check the electrical components and wiring or see if you have a frozen heat pump.
  • Inconsistent heating or cooling — If your heat pump isn’t working as well as it used to, contact us immediately for repairs because you are likely wasting energy and may have damaged parts getting worse.
  • Heat pump covered in ice — This can happen in winter or summer, usually caused by a clog or leak that our Kirkwood heat pump repair specialists can fix.
  • Heat pump not cooling or heating — Refrigerant leaks, a dirty evaporator coil, or a broken air handler may be to blame if your heat pump is blowing lukewarm or not cold enough.

Kirkwood, MO Heat Pump Repair Specialists

Heat pumps can suffer many of the same performance issues as an air conditioner or furnace, but the causes are different. Heat pumps use refrigeration technology to move heat in or out of the home, so it’s a different sort of HVAC technology that not all contractors are skilled at servicing.

Metro Heating & Cooling has provided heat pump repairs in Kirkwood for decades. We know how to service heat pumps quickly and effectively, which saves you money and get your home comfortable sooner.

Quality Service for Heat Pump Repairs in Kirkwood, MO

Kirkwood and the greater St. Louis area have trusted Metro Heating & Cooling for more than 35 years. Our clients love our honest advice, friendly team, and above all, our ability to provide heat pump repairs and all other HVAC services in Kirkwood with master quality.

As a local, family-run business, we take pride in our reputation as reliable contractors. We offer short appointment windows and a warranty for heat pump repairs in Kirkwood.

Request Heat Pump Repairs in Kirkwood

Metro Heating & Cooling is here to help with heat pump repairs, maintenance, and service year-round. Call 314-845-5900 or contact us online to request heat pump repairs in Kirkwood, Missouri.

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