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Chesterfield, MO Furnace Replacement

When the furnace breaks down, your first inclination is probably to hope for a small repair. That can only go on for so long, though! Furnaces don’t last forever, in fact, some kick the bucket after just 15 years or so. Homes in the St. Louis area need heating for half the year, so it’s best to call us for furnace replacement in Chesterfield to enjoy reliable heating for the long haul.

Metro Heating & Cooling installs replacement furnaces from top brands like Rheem, Emerson, Trane, and Aprilaire. Our licensed technicians are ready to help with expert advice and impeccable installation for your Chesterfield furnace replacement.

Get a free replacement estimate and find out how a new furnace can improve your comfort and energy bills. Call 314-845-5900 or contact us online to request furnace replacement in Chesterfield, MO.

When to Opt for Furnace Replacement in Chesterfield

The friendly technicians at Metro Heating & Cooling can help you make the right choice between furnace replacement or repairs. Our goal is simply to make you comfortable with the Chesterfield furnace services you need.

The four most common reasons to choose furnace replacement in Chesterfield are:

  • Excessive repairs: Furnaces break down more often and require more costly repairs as they age. If a young furnace is breaking down too much, it could be too small or large for your home.
  • High heating bills: Your old furnace probably never had the efficiency that you can get from today’s models, and it may be losing efficiency as it ages.
  • Not enough heat: Does your furnace have to run constantly just to warm the house to a reasonable temperature? Are certain areas or rooms never heated enough? If so, it’s time to upgrade with a furnace replacement in Chesterfield.
  • Furnace life expectancy: HVAC manufacturers only claim that your furnace will last 15 to 20 years. Not sure of the age? A date might be stamped on it, or the serial number might indicate it.

Chesterfield, MO Furnace Replacement by Metro Heating & Cooling

As a family-owned company, we like to provide honest solutions to make our customers completely satisfied. For an importance HVAC service like furnace replacement, Chesterfield homes and businesses can turn to us for quality work, top-notch heating products, and friendly service along the way.

For more than 35 years, our team has been providing furnace replacement and installation services in Chesterfield and all of St. Louis County. Let us take care of your broken or faulty furnace with repairs, maintenance, or a new energy-efficient furnace replacement in Chesterfield.

FREE Estimate for Chesterfield Furnace Replacement

We can provide a free, no-obligation quote for furnace replacement in Chesterfield, MO to help make the best decision for your wallet and your comfort. Request an appointment online or call 314-845-5900 to ask Metro Heating & Cooling for Chesterfield furnace services.

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