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Furnace Installation in Ladue, MO

A new HVAC system is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your home. Metro Heating & Cooling can help you cut through the loads of information out there to find the perfect new furnace for your home in Ladue, Missouri. We offer upfront pricing, neighborly advice, and highly skilled installations of new and replacement furnaces in Ladue and throughout St. Louis.

Call 314-845-5900 or contact us here to ask about furnace installation in Ladue, MO! We’ll provide a free installation estimate or you can schedule a visit to find out if furnace repair or replacement is right for you.

Why Quality Furnace Installation Matters for Your Ladue Home

Imagine a furnace that’s too small for your home. It’s been installed without properly sealed ducts, and some of the parts have not been tightened or tested. You wouldn’t expect it to perform like a state-of-the-art furnace, would you? That’s why the quality of your Ladue furnace installer matters.

To get the efficiency ratings advertised by the manufacturer, we need to do a lot of math and prep work. It’s a multi-step process that requires in-depth knowledge and experience. When you choose Metro Heating & Cooling for your furnace installation in Ladue, MO, you know you’ll be getting the best new furnace for your money. In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction!

Licensed Furnace Installers in Ladue, MO

Our technicians are highly qualified and talented HVAC professionals. Ladue homeowners and businesses can feel good about hiring furnace installers with an A+ BBB rating and more than 35 years of satisfied customers.

Here’s what you can expect from our furnace installation services in Ladue:

How Often Do You Need a Furnace Replacement in Ladue?

Naturally, you like to save money where you can. Furnace replacement can actually cost less than repairs when you consider additional repairs in the near future and the fact that a new furnace installation in Ladue will probably mean much lower energy bills.

We recommend installing a replacement furnace in Ladue if more than one of the following is true:

  • The furnace is more than 10 years old
  • You’ve had multiple repairs in the recent past
  • The furnace needs an expensive repair like a new heat exchanger or motor
  • Your old furnace is much lower efficiency than today’s models
  • Your family complains of cold spots or insufficient heating

Get an Estimate for Ladue, MO Furnace Installation

Looking for top-rated, local HVAC installers in Ladue for a new home or a replacement furnace? Let us show you shy Metro Heating & Cooling provides the best service at the right price.

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