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Chesterfield, MO Heating & Cooling Services

Welcome to Metro Heating & Cooling—Chesterfield’s trusted heating, cooling, and indoor air quality specialists! Since 1982, Metro Heating & Cooling has remained dedicated to providing the best service and value to Chesterfield-area residents and businesses.

From routine maintenance calls to a full system replacement and commercial HVAC installs, we have all of your heating and cooling needs covered!

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Emergency Furnace & HVAC System Repair in Chesterfield

Not every furnace or HVAC system is the same. For residential properties in Chesterfield, your home’s HVAC equipment must be properly fitted and installed to ensure your heating and cooling system operates efficiently 24/7/365. If your heating or cooling system breaks down in the heat of summer or the chill of winter, you can’t wait to get it fixed! You need emergency service to get back to a comfortable temperature. Metro Heating & Cooling offers 24/7 emergency HVAC services 365 days of the year.

Need emergency furnace or other heating service repair? Call Metro Heating & Cooling at (314) 845-5900 now!

Furnace Services in Chesterfield – Furnace Repairs & Heating System Replacement

Winters in Chesterfield are cold. In fact, the average low in the Chesterfield area is around 29 degrees during winter. You need a reliable home heating system to ensure your home stays comfortable during the peak of heating season—October through March.

We provide Chesterfield’s premier residential heating services, including:

Heat Pump Repair, Installation & Replacement in Chesterfield, MO

Heat pumps are a unique residential HVAC system—they both heat and cool your home, and they’re a popular, cost-effective solution to traditional home heating and cooling methods like an AC unit and furnace.

We provide a variety of heat pump services in Chesterfield, MO, and its surrounding areas, including:

Chesterfield Cooling Services – Air Conditioner Repairs & AC Installs

Summers in Chesterfield would be excruciatingly hot and humid if not for your home’s cooling system. Whether your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of the night or you want a routine maintenance call to ensure your system will provide sweet relief throughout the dog days of summer, call Metro Heating & Cooling.

We provide comprehensive air conditioner services in Chesterfield, MO and its surrounding areas, including:

Chesterfield’s Leading HVAC Contractor

Metro Heating & Cooling has your Chesterfield HVAC repair, installation, and replacement needs covered throughout the year. Whether you need your air conditioner replaced during the dog days of summer or your furnace repair in the dead of winter, you can count on Metro Heating & Cooling, a leading HVAC contractor in Chesterfield, MO.

With over 30 years of experience, our HVAC technicians can design, install, and repair any heating and cooling equipment.

Give us a call today at 314-845-5900 or contact us online for an estimate in Chesterfield, MO!

Indoor Air Quality Services in Chesterfield

In addition to our full line of heating and cooling services, we also offer indoor air quality services in Chesterfield and its surrounding areas. From air handlers and whole-house humidifiers to UV light air purification, we do it all.

Chesterfield’s Custom Ductwork Fabrication Specialists

Hearing a loud banging noise every time your heating or cooling system kicks on? If so, you may need your air ducts inspected, sealed, or replaced. Metro Heating & Cooling is Chesterfield’s custom ductwork fabrication specialists!

We’ll design and fabricate a duct system to install in your home or business that creates a comfortable environment for you and your family.

Commercial HVAC Repair & Design-Build Services in the Chesterfield Area

In our three decades of work, we’ve learned a thing or two about the most cost-effective HVAC solutions, including commercial HVAC design-build, commercial HVAC repairs, and regular HVAC maintenance for commercial systems.

We offer commercial HVAC repairs and design-build services throughout Chesterfield, MO. This includes:

  • Rooftop packaged systems
  • HVAC for data centers
  • HVAC for multi-family housing (apartment complexes, townhomes, etc.)
  • HVAC for retail stores
  • HVAC for box stores
  • HVAC for grocery stores
  • HVAC for gas stations and convenience stores
  • HVAC for office buildings
  • HVAC for restaurants
  • And much, much more!

We’re an Authorized Dealer of the Industry’s Leading Manufacturers

Although we’ll service and repair any make or model HVAC or indoor air quality system, we’re an authorized dealer of some of the HVAC industry’s most reliable manufacturers. We are a:

  • Chesterfield Rheem Authorized Dealer
  • Chesterfield Trane Authorized Dealer
  • Chesterfield Mitsubishi Authorized Dealer
  • Chesterfield Aprilaire Authorized Dealer

Schedule an Estimate for a Furnace Service in Chesterfield

Want a free estimate for your HVAC installation or replacement project? Call Metro Heating & Cooling! We offer free estimates on all of our heating and cooling installations in Chesterfield, MO and its surrounding areas!

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