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Oakville Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pumps in Oakville, MO

You expect your Oakville, MO home to provide you with warmth and comfort, especially once temperatures begin to drop. However, if your heat pump isn’t working properly, you might find that your home is a lot colder than you want it to be. If this is the case or if you are having any other issues with your heat pump, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with us at Metro Heating & Cooling for heat pump repair.

We will send one of our highly trained HVAC technicians out to your home at your earliest convenience in order to thoroughly inspect your heat pump and determine the source of the problem. We will then get your heat pump back up and running as quickly as possible.

Click HERE or call 314-845-5900  for an estimate on heat pump repairs in Oakville.

Signs That You Need Oakville, MO Heat Pump Repair

There are a number of signs that indicate something is wrong with your heat pump. Even if you notice something that is out of the ordinary but that isn’t actually affecting your heat pump, you should still have it looked at since it could be indicative of a bigger problem, or could grow into a bigger problem. The following are some of the signs that you need heat pump repair in Oakville, MO:

  • The temperature throughout your home is uneven – If one part of your house is warmer or colder than another part of your house, it could mean that your heat pump has a leaky refrigerant coil.
  • Your energy bills are rising – There could be a number of problems causing your heat pump to run less efficiently, which will result in higher energy costs. One of the most common issues affecting energy efficiency is a faulty thermostat.
  • There’s low airflow coming from your vents – If the air coming from your vents is weak, then it means your heat pump is having to work harder to keep your home at your desired temperature. The low airflow could be caused by dirty filters or a problem with the blower motor or fan.
  • The heat pump is louder than usual – If your heat pump is more noisy than usual, it means that there’s probably a loose part. This needs to be fixed immediately, as loose parts can cause damage to any other parts of the heat pump.
  • Your home is too cold – If your heat pump simply isn’t pumping out any heat, then you’ll need to have a technician figure out what the problem is.
  • The heat pump is freezing up – If there’s ice present in your heat pump unit, then there’s an issue with either the evaporator coil or the compressor.

Schedule a Heat Pump Repair Service in Oakville, MO Today

There’s nothing more inconvenient than a malfunctioning heat pump, especially during the winter season. Fortunately, you can depend on us to find and repair the problem as quickly as possible. If there’s something wrong with your heat pump, then contact us at Metro Heating & Cooling in Oakville, MO by reaching out online or call us at 314-845-5900 to schedule a heat pump repair service today.


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