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Heat Pump Repair in Fenton, MO

Heat Pump Repair in Fenton, MOAfter a day at Fenton City Park or a day of shopping along Gravois Bluffs Boulevard, it’s nice to come back to a comfortable home. Heat pumps are an excellent way to achieve that comfort in your home throughout the year. They can sometimes suffer similar issues to furnaces or air conditioning systems, but the causes are different. Because heat pumps use refrigeration technology, not every heating and cooling contractor may have the expertise to fix them when you need it most.

When your heat pump needs to be repaired, you want to know it will be fixed properly. At Metro Heating & Cooling, we have an expert team of HVAC technicians who have been providing heat pump repair and service in the Fenton area for decades.

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Common Heat Pump Problems

Not getting efficient heating and cooling from your heat pump can be frustrating for you and those in your home. There are some common heat pump problems indicating it’s time for repair:

  • A heat pump that will not turn on – Heat pumps should turn on when it’s warmer than 80 degrees or cooler than 50 degrees outside. A heat pump that won’t turn on could be a sign of electrical issues or a frozen heat pump.
  • No heat coming from your heat pump – When there is no heat coming from your heat pump, refrigerant leaks, a broken air handler, or dirty evaporator coil could be to blame.
  • A heat pump that turns on and off frequently – If your heat pump unit seems to be turning on and off again too often, the unit could be overheating due to a clogged filter or a blower that is not functioning properly.
  • Uneven heating or cooling – If you have spots in your home that are always warm or cold, a leak in the refrigerant coil could be causing these temperature inconsistencies.
  • A malfunctioning fan in your heat pump – A working fan is critical to moving the hot or cold air through your home. If your heat pump fan is not working, the issue could be caused by a motor failure or other technical issue.

When you have these or other problems with your heat pump, the best first step is to contact a professional to schedule a heat pump inspection. Our experts at Metro Heating & Cooling can diagnose your heat pump issues and provide quality repair so you can keep your Fenton home comfortable throughout the year.

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At Metro Heating & Cooling, we work hard to provide our customers with excellent service and affordable rates. It can be stressful scheduling repair for a heat pump, so let us ease your mind by delivering quality repair you can trust.

In addition to heat pump repair, we provide Fenton area residents with:

For any of your heat pump needs, Metro Heating & Cooling has you covered. Don’t let a poorly performing heat pump keep you uncomfortable.

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