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Furnace Repair in Clayton, MO

There’s no such thing as a convenient time for your furnace to break down. In fact, the most likely time for your furnace to act up is when you need it most. Whether your heating equipment has completely stopped working or you’re simply facing home comfort problems, you can’t delay furnace repair for long.

Who do you trust to get your furnace up and running again? The knowledgeable crew at Metro Heating & Cooling is backed by over 35 years of experience. If you’re looking for excellent customer service, quality products, and fair prices, you’ll find all this and more from Metro Heating & Cooling.

Contact us today to schedule furnace repair in Clayton, MO. Just call 314-845-5900 or request a service appointment online.

When to Schedule Furnace Repair in Clayton, MO

It’s easy to forget about your furnace when it works quietly behind the scenes to keep your Clayton home warm and comfortable. But when something goes wrong, you’re bound to notice. Watch for these signs:

  • The furnace won’t come on: Before you call for a repair, make sure the thermostat is set properly and check for tripped circuit breakers. If these troubleshooting tricks don’t work, then schedule a service call.
  • Your home isn’t comfortable: Hot and cold spots, humidity trouble, and other comfort problems could indicate something’s wrong with your furnace.
  • The furnace doesn’t run long enough: When the furnace cycles on and off frequently, this means it could be overheating. Try replacing the air filter for improved airflow, but if the short cycling continues, schedule a repair.
  • The heater makes strange noises: If you notice your furnace making odd sounds, it could be warning you that a breakdown is imminent. To prevent damaging the equipment, shut it off and call Metro Heating & Cooling for a repair.

Our Clayton Furnace Repair Services Address All Furnace Issues

From improper thermostat calibration to dangerous carbon monoxide leaks, our team knows how to repair all types of heating system issues. To meet the needs of our Clayton customers, we service heating equipment from all makes and models, including:

  • Gas furnaces
  • Electric furnaces
  • Boilers

If you need assistance clarifying which type of heating system you have, contact us for help.

Emergency Furnace Repair in Clayton, MO

Just because your furnace quits working in the evening or on the weekend doesn’t mean you have to wait until regular business hours to have the problem resolved. Count on Metro Heating & Cooling for emergency furnace repair at all hours of the day and night.

Request a Service Appointment Today for Furnace Repair in Clayton

At Metro Heating & Cooling, we understand that you can’t very well plan ahead for a furnace breakdown. Choose us for your Clayton, MO furnace repair needs, whether we originally installed your furnace or not. We focus on delivering quality workmanship and high-efficiency products at a fair price. We even offer flexible payment packages if needed to finance more costly repairs.

To schedule a Clayton furnace repair, call 314-845-5900 or schedule an appointment online now!

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