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Furnace Maintenance in Oakville, MO

Once winter settles into the Oakville area, it is important that you can depend on your furnace to keep your home comfortable and warm. The best way to do this is by having your furnace serviced before winter is in full effect.

When you need furnace maintenance in the Oakville area, look no further than our team at Metro Heating & Cooling. We have been serving the St. Louis area for more than 35 years, and our talented, certified technicians have the skills to ensure your furnace is ready for the cold. We offer a full line of residential and commercial HVAC services, including heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality services, and more.

For quality, professional furnace maintenance in the Oakville area, call Metro Heating & Cooling at (314) 845-5900 today or contact us online.

The Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

Routine maintenance is critical to the performance of your furnace, allowing you to catch problems early and keep everything operating smoothly. By having your furnace inspected and maintained at least once a year, you can enjoy:

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced heating costs
  • Fewer breakdowns and service calls
  • Lower repair costs
  • Longer service life
  • Improved comfort and air quality

With our team at Metro Heating & Cooling, you can make sure your furnace receives the care it needs to operate reliably and efficiently throughout the winter.

Contact us today to learn more about the effects of routine furnace maintenance!

Furnace Maintenance in the Oakville Area

As a leading HVAC company in the Oakville area, our team at Metro Heating & Cooling has the experience and equipment to keep your furnace in great condition. Our furnace maintenance services are cost-effective and include all the required maintenance for your system, such as:

  • Replacing the air filter
  • Cleaning the blower fan and cabinet
  • Checking the supply and return airflow
  • Inspecting the electrical system for loose or corroded connections
  • Testing the thermostat, zoning controls, and fan limiter
  • Inspecting the control board
  • Cleaning the burners and flame sensor
  • Testing the ignition system
  • Inspecting the flue and heat exchanger for leaks
  • Measuring flue gases and carbon monoxide levels
  • Testing blower motor current draw
  • Verifying proper system performance

If any problems are found during the inspection and maintenance process, we also offer quality, affordable furnace repairs, as well as complete system replacements.

For quality furnace services in Oakville or the St. Louis area, contact our team today!

Schedule Furnace Maintenance in Oakville, MO

Avoid having to worry about your furnace during this winter. Contact our team at Metro Heating & Cooling for a complete furnace inspection and maintenance visit. Our experts can give you the peace of mind you need while improving the performance and efficiency of your furnace.

To schedule furnace maintenance in the Oakville area, call us today at (314) 845-5900 or contact us online!

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