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When Should I Have My HVAC Equipment Serviced?

You may know that regular maintenance and tune-ups are recommended for your HVAC system, but do you know the best times of year to schedule service?

You should aim to have regular maintenance performed twice a year — once for your heating system and once for your cooling system. You’ll want to schedule before you start using each system regularly.

Is HVAC Service Necessary?

Scheduling regular maintenance for your heating and cooling systems can be easy to overlook or forget about. When you skip routine tune-ups and maintenance, your HVAC systems are at a higher risk of breaking down and performing poorly.

While it may seem unnecessary to pay for routine maintenance, the long-term savings and prolonged life of your system can make the investment worth it. When you consider that your heating and cooling systems work constantly to keep your home comfortable year-round, it makes sense to have them checked periodically to make sure they’re in good working order.

When Should I Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

For air conditioning systems, you should schedule annual maintenance in the spring, before the weather warms up and you start using your AC system consistently.

Spring can be a tricky time in St. Louis, as the weather can fluctuate frequently. Even so, March through May is the ideal time to schedule maintenance and cleaning for your air conditioning unit each year.

Best Time to Schedule Furnace Maintenance

Just as you should schedule AC maintenance in the spring before you start using your unit regularly, you’ll want to schedule furnace maintenance before you need it most. Fall is the best time to have your furnace inspected and tuned up, usually in September or October.

Winters can be brutally cold in Missouri, and having your furnace serviced before you begin using it regularly can save you from a costly and emergency repair during the winter.

What’s Included in HVAC Maintenance?

Inspection and cleaning are key aspects of good HVAC maintenance. You want to make sure you choose an HVAC company that will do a thorough job performing your HVAC service. During typical maintenance, some of the tasks your HVAC technician performs should include:

  • Change your home’s air filters
  • Lubricate the unit’s moving parts
  • Check the condensate drain for debris
  • Test and calibrate the thermostat
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Clean the unit’s blower
  • Examine fuel connections and gas pressure
  • Inspect the unit for any leaks, cracks, etc.
  • Check for efficient operation

When done properly and thoroughly, HVAC maintenance will help save you time, money, and give you peace of mind knowing your home will be comfortable throughout the year. Make sure to choose an HVAC company with the experience and expertise to provide top-quality maintenance so you get the most bang for your buck.

HVAC Maintenance Services in St. Louis

Your heating and cooling systems are essential in keeping a comfortable home. To make sure they are working their best, schedule annual maintenance with Metro Heating & Cooling, the local company you can trust. Family-owned and -operated with over 35 years of experience, we provide expert commercial and residential HVAC services in the St. Louis metro area.

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