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What is Galvanized Sheet Metal?

If you have past experience with a building or space that needed duct work installed or replaced, you likely heard the term “galvanized sheet metal.” Perhaps then, as well as now, you weren’t entirely sure what this substance is and why it might be ideal to use for your HVAC system. Well, the experts at Metro Heating & Cooling are here to help!

Galvanized sheet metal is a sheet of steal that has been covered with a coat of zinc oxide, a process called galvanizing. The point of galvanizing steal is to help prevent rust and corrosion, especially for metal that may often come in contact with oxygen, water, or heavy debris. Sometimes, applying a coat of paint to galvanized metal will add an extra layer of protection to this already tough coating.

Starting to see why galvanized sheet metal might be your best bet for long-lasting, reliable duct work?

Benefits of Using Galvanized Sheet Metal for HVAC Duct Work

We know that simply understanding what galvanized sheet metal is might not help you feel entirely prepared to make a decision about using this substance in your space’s duct work. So, to give you a better idea of what it is and why people utilize it, here’s a list of the best things about galvanized sheet metal.

Galvanized sheet metal is:

  • Lowest in cost, both upfront and long-term, when compared to other protected sheet metals
  • Easier to maintain due to its resistance to the elements
  • Guaranteed to keep its coating for around 25 years in destructive climates and 50 years in moderate climates
  • Predictable and reliable, meaning you can get a good idea of the substance’s life expectancy from the installation team
  • Protected with the toughest coating possible
  • Completely protected due to how the zinc oxide is applied, even on those tough edges or in those sharp corners of your duct work
  • Easy to inspect for issues or damages

Whether you need new duct work in your home or commercial space, galvanized sheet metal offers a variety of benefits that make it one of the best options for those who want an affordable, long-lasting solution to their duct work needs.

Learn More About Galvanized Sheet Metal from Metro Heating & Cooling

Are you interested in learning more about the installation process for duct work made from galvanized sheet metal? The team at Metro Heating & Cooling can help!

We’ve been providing the residents of Fenton, MO and the surrounding area with options for HVAC solutions for over 35 years. In that time, we’ve built a reputation based on working with people and understanding their needs. So, if you want help deciding if galvanized sheet metal is right for your space, we’ll help you weigh the benefits and the cost. And, when you work with our experts, you never have to worry about sales pressure or upselling. We promise that we’re here for you!

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