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Warning Signs Your Furnace Is About to Die

Replacing your furnace at the right time can save you a small fortune. Wait too long, and you’re likely to encounter increasingly major repairs and higher utility costs along the way. On the other hand, you can postpone the cost of replacement if you have a trusted HVAC technician who makes effective furnace repairs before jumping the gun on replacement.

So, how long do furnaces last and when should you go ahead and replace them? The answer mostly depends on which of these warning signs are present, as well as the efficiency and overall health of your existing furnace.

Telltale Signs It’s Time for a Furnace Replacement

Energy Bills Spike or Increase Every Year

As furnaces lose their ability to heat properly, they work harder and burn more fuel. In addition to the higher bills, this is also a warning sign that the furnace is about to die very soon. With furnace replacement around the corner, you can actually save by upgrading now.

Furnace Repairs Are Becoming More Frequent

We recommend annual inspections for furnaces that are more than a couple years old, and tune-ups are a great way to make small fixes to prolong the furnace’s lifespan. When those little repairs become significant problems every winter, and you find yourself writing more and more checks each year—expect a breakdown soon.

Excess Dust, Smells & Noises

Air filters can only do so much. If you don’t see lasting improvement after cleaning the filter and vents, the furnace’s internal parts are to blame. Strange noises also indicate serious failure.

Unable to Reach the Desired Temperatures

Don’t blame frigid outdoor temperatures if the furnace cannot heat up to 68, 70, 72, or whatever your thermostat setting is. The burners, heat exchanger, or motor has probably aged out of its productive life. Always had the problem? The furnace may be undersized for your square footage to begin with.

The Heat Exchanger is Broken

This is the one furnace part that can single-handedly make it necessary to replace the furnace. The heat exchanger is a critical furnace part and one that’s expensive to replace. Broken or cracked heat exchangers can also be fatal if they create a carbon monoxide issue.

The Age of the Furnace

There’s no magic number for how many years a furnace will last. Some models are built to last 10, 12, 15, or 20 years with proper maintenance. If you have older equipment that demonstrates any of the furnace warning signs described above, or simply does not heat the home consistently or efficiently as you’d like, HVAC technicians will recommend furnace replacement for the good of your comfort, safety, and wallet.

Replacing a Furnace Before It Kicks the Bucket

Get a diagnosis for your furnace problems to know your best options. In the St. Louis, MO area, Metro Heating & Cooling provides top-notch repairs and installations of new Rheem and Trane furnaces. You can call us at 314-845-5900 or contact us online for a free replacement estimate.

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