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Air Conditioner Replacement in Mehlville

When your air conditioner needs heavy repairs or has gotten so old that you don’t expect it to last much longer, it’s time to think about air conditioner replacement. Mehlville homeowners can enjoy lower bills and more consistent comfort by upgrading to a new unit. Metro Heating & Cooling can help you decide when to replace an air conditioner, and our technicians provide the best AC installation in Mehlville, MO.

Contact Metro Heating & Cooling to get a free  AC replacement estimate online! You can also call us to schedule air conditioner replacement in Mehlville, MO.

How Often to Replace an AC in Mehlville

Many air conditioners only last about 10 years, but in the four-season climate of St. Louis, it’s not unusual for a well-maintained AC to run well for 20 years. Metro Heating & Cooling can help with AC repairs in Mehlville, but we don’t want you to waste money on ancient equipment. We recommend AC replacement when it’s what is best for our Mehlville customers.

The telltale signs you need a new air conditioner include:

  • The AC stops and starts repeatedly
  • The summer energy bills have spiked higher
  • You’ve needed AC repair several times in a year or two
  • The AC never cools the whole home enough
  • You’ve been told you need to replace the AC compressor

Finding out you need a new air conditioner can be stressful, but we make things easy with affordable AC replacement in Mehlville. We accept all major credit cards and offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

AC Replacement in Mehlville, MO

After you decide between repair and replacement options, the next step is to choose the best new air conditioner for your Mehlville home. Metro Heating & Cooling helps size an air conditioner to ensure it has the cooling power you need. We recommend looking at models with 16 SEER or higher for future energy savings.

Our licensed HVAC technicians in Mehlville take care of removing the old air conditioner and installing your new one. Professional installation is important for your AC replacement so that you can enjoy years of reliable performance and consistent air flow!

Free Estimate for AC Replacement in Mehlville

Don’t wait too long to replace your air conditioner; make the upgrade when it’s convenient for you and avoid a complete breakdown on a blazing hot day! If it’s already too late, Metro Heating & Cooling can still make a prompt appointment for your Mehlville AC service.

Call us now or request an estimate online for air conditioner replacement in Mehlville, MO.

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