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Air Conditioner Replacement in Clayton, MO

Working up a sweat trying to figure out what’s wrong with your air conditioner? In Clayton, MO, there’s an easier solution thanks to the experts at Metro Heating & Cooling. We can fix most air conditioners or provide a top-of-the-line AC replacement in Clayton for a fair price!

If you’re in a bind with a broken air conditioner, our Clayton HVAC technicians can save the day with a prompt visit for the perfect air conditioner replacement. If you have an older unit that wastes energy or shows signs of trouble, we recommend upgrading soon before you wind up with no AC on a scorching hot day.

Invite us out for an assessment if you’re deciding between repairs or a full AC replacement in Clayton. We are also happy to provide a free estimate for our installation services.

Call 314-845-5900 or contact us online to get started!

Signs Your Clayton Home Needs a New AC

Clayton, MO has enough heat and humidity that we use plenty of cooling. That wears out the compressor, condenser, and other parts. Air conditioners don’t last more than about 20 years, and that’s pushing it.

We can discuss options for replacement or AC repairs in Clayton, but here are some of the telltale signs you need a new air conditioner installed:

  • The AC never feels like it’s cool enough
  • The AC is not dehumidifying the air
  • You need another repair soon after the last one
  • Some rooms feel hot even when the AC has been running for a while
  • You have an old AC that wastes energy and costs a lot to run
  • The AC is getting louder and making strange noises or smells
  • Or your AC is more than 10 years old and has broken down

AC Replacement in Clayton for Efficiency & Comfort

Improving technology and stricter energy requirements have made today’s air conditioners better than the ones made just a few years ago. An air conditioner replacement can save Clayton homeowners a bundle on energy bills!

Metro Heating & Cooling can also install a new AC that you’ll love for being quieter, easier to control, and more consistent. Imagine cool air dispersing in each room with a whisper, rather than a jet engine noise as your old unit fires up several times an hour.

Our technicians will talk to you about your cooling needs to make sure you get the best AC replacement in Clayton. We are an authorized dealer for trusted brands like Trane and Rheem, with plenty of options for small and large homes, and small and large budgets!

Call Us for Air Conditioner Replacement in Clayton

For an important home improvement like AC replacement, Clayton homeowners can trust Metro Heating & Cooling to do the job right. We’ve been around for more than 35 years, and we’re still a family-owned business committed to your comfort.

Schedule an estimate online or call 314-845-5900 to request a visit for AC replacement in Clayton, MO. We offer financing and accept credit cards!

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