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Air Purification

Air Purifiers St. Louis

Home Air Purification is becoming more and more common as people become aware of some of the pathogens, molds, and other bacteria in the air we breathe. A higher level of air purity is easily achievable in your home or place of business by installing one of the many UV Air Purification units that are available. The clean crisp outdoor air you breathe, can be even cleaner if it’s inside your home.

Indoor air contaminants are unwanted and can sometimes be harmful. For people with health issues or young children the quality of the air your breathing can significantly impact your quality of life. Metro Heating & Cooling can help you fill your home with clean, purified air, free from any contaminants, bacteria or harmful mold spores.

Why UV Air Purification?

When you place UV lamps near the indoor coil of your air conditioner they help kill bacteria, mold spores and other air contaminants that would otherwise have come into your home unchecked.  We can install UV Air Purifiers in your home.

We Work With These Air Purification Methods and Filters:

  • Whole Home Air Filtration
  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Central Air Filtration
  • UV Light Disinfection
  • High Efficiency Media Air Cleaners

Why Choose Metro Heating & Cooling?

We strive to provide the best, most efficient Air Purification service for our customers. We are not a large company but we’re big enough to complete your job, and we’re still small enough that we truly care.

Your specific heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs will vary depending on the size of your building or living space. Metro Heating & Cooling can come up with affordable solutions to meet your needs, with flexible payment terms and even financing packages so you can get your HVAC needs taken care of.

If your home air purification system needs repair, an overhaul or replacement give Metro Heating & Cooling a call today and we can schedule an appointment.

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