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Heat Pump Installation in Kirkwood, MO

For many homes in the Kirkwood, Missouri, area, heat pumps are an ideal way to provide both heating and cooling in one package. They are energy-efficient and relatively easy to maintain, and they compete on cost with other heating and air conditioning solutions.

At Metro Heating & Cooling, we offer heat pump installations throughout Kirkwood, St. Louis, and the surrounding areas. With more than 35 years of professional HVAC experience, you can count on our team for a professional installation that is energy-efficient and reliable.

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The Benefits of a Modern Heat Pump

Heat pumps have become a popular HVAC solution in the Kirkwood area, and today’s models offer excellent performance and comfort at a cost-effective price. The benefits of installing a modern heat pump include:

  • Heating and cooling in one system – With a heat pump, you do not need a separate system for heating and cooling, making it more affordable and space-efficient than the traditional combination of a furnace and air conditioner.
  • No gas connection required – A standard heat pump requires only electricity to operate, so it is perfect for homes that do not have access to a natural gas connection.
  • Energy-efficient operation – Because heat pumps do not create heat, but simply move it from one location to another, they are very efficient at heating compared to furnaces or boilers. They are also extremely efficient at cooling, with models rated from 14 to over 20 SEER available, keeping your energy costs as low as possible.
  • Improved comfort – Today’s heat pumps offer features like two-stage compressors and variable-speed air handlers to provide better heating and cooling performance, improved air quality, and quieter operation.

At Metro Heating & Cooling, we offer the latest high-performance heat pumps from top manufacturers like Trane, Mitsubishi, Rheem, Carrier, and more. Our experts can help you choose the best system for your needs and your budget.

To learn more about the benefits of a heat pump for your Kirkwood home, talk to our team today!

Heat Pump Installations in Kirkwood

When you are ready to install a new heat pump in your Kirkwood home, look no further than our professionals at Metro Heating & Cooling. Our certified HVAC technicians can provide a reliable, efficient installation with as little disruption to your schedule as possible. Our heat pump installation process includes:

  • Removing your old HVAC equipment, if necessary
  • Performing new heating and cooling load calculations
  • Selecting the heat pump with the best capacity, features, and performance for your needs
  • Installing the condenser unit, evaporator, refrigerant lines, and electrical cables
  • Installation ductwork, if required, as well as accessories like thermostats or zoning controls
  • Charging the system and testing its performance
  • Explaining the care and operation of your new heat pump

We also offer heat pump maintenance and repairs to keep your system working properly after the installation, as well as emergency services should you ever have a problem.

To request a heat pump replacement or installation quote, contact our team today!

Schedule a Heat Pump Installation in Kirkwood, MO

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