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Kirkwood, MO Furnace Installation

When it comes to your furnace, it’s not just the quality of the furnace itself that affects how effectively and efficiently your home or place of business is heated, it’s also the quality of the installation. A poorly installed furnace can lead to the need for regular repairs, can have issues heating your home properly and can end up costing you more than it should when it comes to your heating bills.

Here at Metro Heating & Cooling in Kirkwood, MO, our fully licensed and insured HVAC technicians have the training and experience needed to safely and properly install your furnace, no matter what make or model.

Receive a FREE installation estimate today by contacting us online or giving us a call at 314-845-5900.

Installing a New Furnace in Kirkwood

Our team of HVAC technicians will help you with your furnace installation every step of the way. Not only will we install your furnace, but we will also make sure that the furnace you install will meet your specific needs. This means that we will help you figure out what size will work best for you, what type of brand will provide the best quality furnace, how much heating power you need, whether you need a humidifier or dehumidifier, whether you could benefit from a whole-house filter and more.

Kirkwood, MO Furnace Installation or Replacement Services

Our technicians can install brand new furnaces in new construction homes and buildings. However, we can also replace old furnaces. When it comes to replacing your old furnace or other heating systems, we’ll make sure that it is safely removed before we begin installing your new furnace. The following are some of the reasons why you might want to consider replacing your current heating system with a new furnace:

  • Your building isn’t heating up properly – If your heating system is no longer able to heat your home or building to your desired temperature, you may need a new furnace.
  • Your heating bills are too high – If your heating costs are significantly higher than usual, it means your heating system is no longer working efficiently.
  • It’s always in need of repairs – Repair costs can add up. It might make more sense to invest in a new furnace then to continue having to make pricey repairs

Choosing Metro Heating & Cooling

We have a reputation throughout Kirkwood as one of the most reliable and trustworthy HVAC services in the area. We provide a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which we achieve by communicating clearly with each and every customer. When you work with us, you can expect to be fully informed about the process, to have all your questions answered and to be provided with our services rates up front.

Scheduling a Kirkwood, MO Furnace Installation Today

We are a Train Comfort Specialist and Rheem Authorized Dealer with more than 35 years of furnace installation experience in the Kirkwood, MO area. If you need a residential or commercial furnace installation or replacement, then be sure to contact us online  at Metro Heating & Cooling for a free installation estimate today.

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