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Air Conditioner Installation in Kirkwood, MO

Do you feel hot even though the air conditioner has been running for a while? Your AC might not break down completely when the time comes to replace it. You could also need a larger AC unit than what you currently have for your system to cool effectively! Upgrading can bring you greater comfort and energy savings, so it’s worth talking to Metro Heating & Cooling about options for air conditioner installation in Kirkwood, MO.

We’ve been helping Kirkwood residents get the best cooling systems for over 35 years. Get in touch with us to see how we can help with:

  • New AC installation
  • AC replacement
  • Ductwork installation
  • Ductless AC services
  • Heat pump services
  • New AC for second floors, additions & basements
  • AC repairs in Kirkwood!

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Advice for Choosing an AC Unit in Kirkwood

Our technicians enjoy helping our Kirkwood customers find the right comfort solutions, including a new AC replacement. The biggest factors include:

  • Size: Air conditioners should be sized by the home’s square footage, factoring in insulation quality, window sizes, natural tree shade, etc.
  • Budget: Spending more upfront can bring back higher energy savings over time, but we can install dependable AC replacements in Kirkwood for any budget.
  • Energy Efficiency: Higher SEER ratings mean higher efficiency. AC units with variable-speed compressors are also greener than single-stage or two-stage units.

We install Rheem, Trane, and other top brands of HVAC units. Check out our financing options to make it easier to get a high-quality AC installation in Kirkwood immediately!

Licensed, Certified AC Installers in Kirkwood, MO

Getting a new AC is more than a purchase; it’s a major part of your home. Metro Heating & Cooling can get you the best results because our technicians are all highly trained and experienced, so we know what to expect! We take care of AC installation in Kirkwood homes and businesses with great attention to detail.

We offer FREE estimates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our air conditioner installations in Kirkwood. 

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Eventually, you will need a new AC system. When that time comes, count on Metro Heating & Cooling to ensure you get the best comfort and energy efficiency for your investment, with a perfect installation by our licensed AC installers in Kirkwood.

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