Why is My Furnace Clicking?

Furnaces should operate quietly with only a hum or the sound of airflow through the ducts. Thankfully, you don’t get the knocking and hissing that you would from a radiator.

Clicking sounds from a furnace should not be ignored, though. The problem could be in the ducts, signaling heat loss that is wasting your money and fuel. More importantly, clicking furnaces often have a problem with the gas or oil ignition.

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Preparing Your Furnace for the Winter Season

After months of inaction, a home furnace needs some help getting back into running shape. Dusty, dried-out parts are more likely to break down randomly at an inopportune time if you skip your fall tune-up. Some professional furnace maintenance can even lower your winter heating bills and make your equipment last years longer.

Here’s what every homeowner should to to prepare a furnace for winter, every year.

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Energy Saving Tips for Winter

As bad as the sweltering summer feels, the winter cold is more dangerous. It’s important to keep your family warm, but the heating needs of a Missouri winter also make it difficult to keep energy bills low.

The good news is that you can pile on the wool socks and ugly sweaters, then spend a weekend making your home more energy-efficient all winter long.

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Why Does My Furnace Leak When the AC Is On?

Scratching your head because the furnace is leaking water while the air conditioner is on? You’re not alone. Furnace leaks are troubling for homeowners, and our St. Louis HVAC technicians receive plenty of calls about this issue. As you might have guessed, the leaking water is condensation that has failed to drain properly.

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Schedule an AC Cleaning & Tune-Up

Seasonal air conditioner maintenance has a lot in common with going to the dentist — except that it’s completely painless, fortunately! With just one appointment, you can enjoy cleaner and stronger air conditioning. And just like that dentist appointment, an air conditioner tune-up also prevents bigger and costlier problems down the road.

That’s why every HVAC expert will tell you the same thing: you’re doing yourself a solid favor by remembering to schedule an annual AC cleaning and tune-up. Believe us, we’d rather service your AC when it’s convenient for you, rather than come out for an emergency repair later this summer. Continue reading “Schedule an AC Cleaning & Tune-Up” »

Warning Signs Your Furnace Is About to Die

Replacing your furnace at the right time can save you a small fortune. Wait too long, and you’re likely to encounter increasingly major repairs and higher utility costs along the way. On the other hand, you can postpone the cost of replacement if you have a trusted HVAC technician who makes effective furnace repairs before jumping the gun on replacement.

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Should I Keep My AC Unit Clear of Snow?

Outdoor air conditioning units are designed to live outdoors, and that includes weathering the cold and snow of winters like we get here in St. Louis. However, excess snow and ice inside the outdoor unit can ultimately damage the parts and lead to early breakdowns. After snow, sleet, or freezing rain, it’s always a good idea to check your AC unit.

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5 Common Furnace Noises & What They Mean

A noisy furnace can quickly ruin your peace and relaxation at home, but the good news is that furnace sounds are often early warning signs of bigger problems to come. Figure out the source of the noise, and we’re on our way to finding a solution.

As always, be careful when troubleshooting a furnace — especially if the problem may be related to the gas line in any way. When the solution calls for more than changing the air filter or tightening some screws that are easily within reach, call our furnace repair experts to set things straight.

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5 Common Air Conditioner Noises & What They Mean

Air conditioning should be felt and not heard. Beyond some startup sounds and a low hum, you don’t want to hear much buzzing or clanking coming from an air conditioner.

Take these air conditioning noises as a sign that you need to take action before the equipment suffers more serious problems. A quick air conditioning tune-up now might save you from a sudden failure in the middle of summer.

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10 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill This Holiday Season

With fuel costs ticking upward and forecasts for a cool winter in Missouri this year, there’s plenty of motivation to be proactive and cut your energy bills. Besides switching to LED lights and cuddling under blankets, you have plenty of options to stay toasty while using less energy.

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